What They're Saying

“As a parent of a child with special needs, Regina Stoops lives the life and knows how to have a sense of humor about it all! Her stand-up routine is always a hit at our fundraisers!” 
Laura McSheffrey and Kirsten Sprott
Exceptional Needs Network

“Regina Stoops is one of the funniest women on stage today. Her true-to-life humor completely engaged our audience and had all of us laughing from beginning to end.”
Becky Thomas
Green Dog Rescue Project Event Chairperson

“Regina Stoops is one funny woman! Genuinely warm as an entertainer and side-splittingly funny as a comedienne. Her humor is quick-witted and playful, her timing impeccable. She can customize her remarks to any situation or audience, providing a good-natured, rollicking laugh ride through everyday events and human foibles.”
Sarah Holland, President
Visibility Project NYC Out & Equal Leadership Summit


“We were lucky to have Regina perform at a fundraiser in front of a grateful and heartily/gratefully laughing crowd of parents and community members. Almost every line seemed to meet a room of nodding heads, it was a veritable sea of relief and "You know it sister!." There are two sides to life with autism— stresses, mysteries, isolation, and often profound worries, but on the other hand, immense love, zaniness, perspective and growth. Through insightful humor borne of deep affection, Regina emphasizes the latter, and leaves her audience wanting a daily dose of her.”
Jill Escher, President
Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area

“Direct from Gay Comedy Night…comedienne Regina Stoops knocked ‘em dead that night.”
San Francisco Bay Times

“She was a hit with our audience…she even made DNA funny!”
Genentech Out & Equal Employee Group

“Regina Stoops finds the humor in the daily schedule of life.   Her comedy routine provides a wonderful perspective into the special needs world - with hilarious examples of the 'life lessons' our children provide.  An absolute hit!” 
Susan Houghton, President
Sunflower Hill Sustainable Special Needs Community

“She totally cracked us up at math centers.”
Mrs. Alba’s Second Grade Class